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Underwater Inspections

(Complete with written report, as required).

Our experienced team can handle every aspect of the underwater inspection process using visual, photographic and closed-circuit TV equipment, producing detailed reports for a multitude of challenges.

Deep Dive, Underwater Inspections

Underwater Photography and Video (Live Underwater Inspections)

Deep Dive Co. Ltd. is a specialist in diver-operated underwater video and photographic systems which can provide high-quality color and high-resolution images, even under the poorest water-clarity conditions, enabling our clients to review such imaging in order to gain a better understanding of the condition of their underwater assets. The quality and clarity of our underwater video and photographic imaging systems are complimented by the very latest portable underwater LED lighting systems suited for the most demanding conditions. Typical underwater locations requiring specialized underwater imaging services include:

  • Dams-outlet pipes-valves-stop logs-screens

  • Ship Hull and appendages

  • Port ship loading structures

  • Power station hydro and gas water delivery systems

  • Environmental bio assessment

  • Salvage assessment

  • Underwater pipes and cables

  • General underwater structures

Deep Dive, Underwater Inspections
Non Destructive Testing (Crack Testing & Thickness Gauging)

NDT Crack Testing

Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) crack testing involves determining the extent of a crack in ferrous metals which may not be visible to the eye. When the extremities of the crack are located often stop drilling technique is required or other supplementary preventative measures. MPI crack testing can be carried out in the wet or dry using our company’s magnetic particle inspection (MPI) UV crack testing system.

The identified crack can be documented using photography and/or real time video.


NDT Metal Thickness Measuring or Gauging

Deep Dive Co. Ltd uses the Double Echo underwater diver hand held system. It is a well known and highly regarded system for accurately measuring a metal thickness underwater in digital readout and can be supported with the aid of underwater photography and video.


This system can be used by divers or for deeper water and hazardous locations can be adapted to our ROV system for remote control use very effectively.


Our NDT instruments are calibration checked prior to each deployment. This ensures accurate measuring information is obtained for our clients.


Metal thickness measuring is commonly performed to determine the current state of the structure when compared to its original design. Typical structures include the following:

  • Bridge and pier foundations

  • Ships hullsPower stations

  • Hydro stations

  • Dams

  • Water storage reservoirs

  • Pipelines

  • Numerous other underwater structures

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