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Deep Dive Co. Ltd invests heavily in plant and state-of-the-art equipment which uses the most advanced technology. This enables us to work successfully and effectively on many projects other companies are unable to tackle


Deep Dive Co. is ultra-mobile, which means that we even have a mobile workshop, ensuring that we are able to tackle every challenge with all the equipment needed readily available on site. This enables us to both minimize the time taken to complete projects, while also reducing costs.


For long-term tasks at sea we use 20 ft. containers, fully equipped with workshop and personnel facilities. Our containers can be mobilized to any destination throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The diving container has a fully fitted office including a PC, printer and scanner, internet, phone and fax facilities, applicable for both inshore and offshore jobs.

Our equipment includes air diving systems, subsea tools and ROV systems. 

Diving Contractor 

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