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Quality Policy

Deep Dive Co. Ltd aims to provide, maintain and promote safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and operating systems for all employees.


Our Quality Policy manual describes our quality control system and explains the format in which the system is operated, defines procedures and clearly identifies which employees are responsible for the performance of specific procedures within the company framework.


Health and Safety Policy

Deep Dive Co. Ltd is fully committed to the prevention of injuries and promoting the health and wellbeing of all its employees through the adoption of a rigorous Health & Safety Program. All employees must strictly adhere to all operational policies of the company and, in addition, our Health & Safety Policy tokes into account the health and safety of other individuals who may be on site while we are carrying out any tasks.


These are our Policy Objectives:

To provide the framework for developing a ‘safety first’ culture throughout the company. This includes information, instruction, training, relevant and adequate supervision, safe working environment, safe systems of work, inspections, risk assessments and method statements.


To work with our clients, contractors and employees in achieving a zero-error target within the workplace. To work in a safe environment with safe working practices and the management /control of operations to avoid potential accidents as well as the protection of the environment we work in.


Your needs and the expectations are paramount within all aspects of our business and it is our full intention to not only meet all those expectations, but to exceed them in every way.


Environmental Policy

Deep Dive Co. Ltd is fully committed to our Environmental Policy which recognizes the impact our operations may have on the environment and we permanently endeavor to meet and surpass any statutory legislation and recommendations. To help us implement our Policy, all employees are provided with the necessary information, guidance, training and equipment to carry out the works and tasks with total consideration for the environment and minimizing any impact our work could potentially have on it.


Deep Dive Co. Ltd currently hold the following external accreditation.

Please select the links below to view the relevant certificates. 

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