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Deep Dive, Underwater Services

Industrial Diving

Industrial plants frequently turn to us for our services. During shut-down maintenance works our divers can provide underwater inspection cleaning and video photography, anode replacements, dredging, internal pipe photographic and video inspections, high pressure water blasting of intake screens and discharge outlets, concrete scour remediation works, and underwater coring and drilling.

Our containerized diving system and 24-hour emergency services enable us to mobilize our equipment and divers on short notice for clients as required. especially for the following tasks:

  • Underwater inspection

  • Dredging

  • Internal pipe photographic and video inspections

  • High-pressure water blasting of internal screens and discharge outlets

  • Concrete scour remediation works

  • Underwater coring and drilling

  • Trash racks and stop logs

  • De-silting

Deep Dive, Underwater Services

Contaminated Environment

Contaminated water diving operations are available. A thorough, specific Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is always performed prior to deployment of our divers to address working conditions.

Our divers are fully trained in performing contaminated water diving operations in a variety of environments including:

  • Paper mills

  • Power plants

  • Chemical plants

  • Sewage plants

  • Governmental sites

Deep Dive, Underwater Services
Deep Dive, Underwater Services


Deep Dive Co. Ltd. has all the specialized equipment along with the experience and fully qualified divers to successfully complete a multitude of marine and underwater salvage operations.

Many environmental factors have to be taken into consideration during a salvage operation, such as oil and/or fuel leakage, which must be mitigated with the proper use and deployment of oil booms, silt curtains and other specialized oil and fuel absorbent’s.

Our clients include:

  • Government Sectors

  • Insurance Companies

  • Corporations

  • Private Owners


Our successful operations include:

  • Commercial Vessels

  • Boats and Marine Craft

  • Ship Anchors and Chains

  • Plant Equipment

  • Vehicles

  • Bulldozers

  • Excavators

  • Dredgers

Ship Husbandry

Deep Dive Co. Ltd. provides fully trained and equipped crews able to carry out a full line of ship husbandry services for all barges, tugs and sea-going vessels. Our flexible solutions include inspections and we can make repairs either dock-side or at anchor.

Ship husbandry services that Deep Dive Co. Ltd. provides include:

  • Damage inspection

  • On-hire / off-hire inspections

  • NDT / thickness readings

  • Propeller cleaning

  • Anode installation

  • Cofferdam installation

  • Keel-cooler repairs / maintenance

  • Underwater burning and weld repairs

  • Transducer replacements

  • Dry docking assistance

Deep Dive, Underwater Services

ROV and Survey Operations

Deep Dive Co. Ltd. provides high-quality, extensive, portable and rapidly deployable ROV inspection services for all offshore oil and gas installations, pipelines, overseas communication cables, ships, anchor and chain recovery, sewer outfalls, mine tailing outfalls and dams throughout the Saudi Arabia region, both inshore and offshore.

  • Underwater installations

  • Cost-effective surveys of hulls and underwater structures where depth/safety is a factor

  • High-quality underwater video and inspections without the aid of a diver

  • Offshore environmental surveys

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