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Industrial Diving

Industrials have a large requirement for our services. During shut down maintenance works our divers can provide underwater inspection cleaning and video photography, anode replacements, dredging, internal pipe photographic and video inspections, high pressure water blasting of intake screens and discharge outlets, concrete scour remediation works, and underwater coring and drilling.


Our dive control vehicle and 24/7 emergency services enable us to mobilize our equipment and divers on short notice for clients as required. 

  • Trash racks and stop logs

  • Channel inspections

  • De-silting

  • Dredging

  • Turbine inspections

  • ROV internal pipe inspections

  • Diver operated real-time video inspection 

Contaminated Environment

Contaminated water diving operations are available. Specific Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are conducted prior to deployment to address existing conditions.


Our divers are highly trained in performing contaminated water diving operations in a variety of environments including:

  • Paper Mills

  • Power Plants

  • Chemical Plants

  • Sewage Plants

  • Governmental Sites


Deep Dive Co. Ltd have an extensive range of specialized equipment along with the experience and qualifications to successfully achieve a variety of marine and underwater salvage operations.


Many environmental factors are to be considered during a salvage operation such as oil leakage and/or fuel, which must be mitigated with the proper use and deployment of oil booms, silt curtains and other specialized oil and fuel absorbent’s.


Our clients include:

  • Government Sectors

  • Insurance Companies

  • Corporations

  • Private Owners

Shark Prevention

At Deep Dive Co. Ltd we provide our clients with shark prevantion service. We can repair, supply and install shark netting & shark barrier, as required. 



  • Keeps out sharks completely as it is anchored from the seabed to the surface.

  • Supports and does not trap marine life

  • Gives peace of mind for the public swimming inside the barrier government 

  • Provides a solution at a small cost for public safety

Remote Operated Vehicles – ROV

Deep Dive Co. Ltd provide high quality, extensive, portable and rapidly deployable ROV inspection services to offshore oil and gas, pipelines, overseas communication cables, ships, anchor and chain recovery, sewer outfalls, mine tailing outfalls and dams throughout Saudi Arabia region both inshore and offshore.


  • Surveys of ships

  • Underwater installations

  • Cost effective surveys of hull’s and underwater structures where depth/safety is a factor

  • High quality underwater video and inspections without the aid of a diver

  • Offshore environmental surveys

  • Oil and gas pipeline inspections

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