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Civil Engineering
Deep Dive, Civil Engineering

Port Construction

Deep Dive Co. Ltd. has a team of professional commercial divers who are highly experienced in construction works for ports, pier heads, bridges and pipelines. We offer a wide range of services to civil and port administrations for structures that are wholly submerged, or which are submerged elements of above-water structures, including:

  • Post-collision damage inspections

  • Installation of geo-textiles on the seabed

  • Underwater gravel bedding and levelling

  • Block settings grouting / sealants

  • Underwater concrete works

  • Seabed protection works

  • Underwater cutting and welding

  • Underwater demolition

Deep Dive, Civil Engineering

Underwater Pipelines

We have the capability to install, maintain and repair pipeline outfalls or intakes.

Our experience has led us to an understanding that pipelines will usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Oil and gas transfer lines

  • Main pressure water lines

  • Sewer lines

  • Intake delivery lines for cooling water and other uses

  • Discharge lines from cooling water and other locations.

Deep Dive, Civil Engineering

Underwater Cables

Deep Dive Co. Ltd. can provide divers for your underwater power, fiber optic or communication cable needs. From installation to emergency repair and maintenance, we can meet your every requirement.

Our submarine cable services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Trenching and laying of sea cables.

  • Cable installation and maintenance.

  • Shallow-water cable repairs.

  • Cable transportation and cable transfer loading support.

  • Supply and installation of cable protection systems for fiber optic and power cables.

  • Find, recover and repair of cables after anchor contact.

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